Several biotechnology firms that are based in Los Angeles County have established new solutions for various untreatable conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, sickle-cell anemia, and different types of cancers. The companies are using state-of-the-art technologies in developing products that are sustainable and friendly to the environment. They have produced chemicals that can be used in manufacturing plastics without depending on petroleum, meat replaces that are grown in labs, and replacements for animal-derived textiles.

The inventors are receiving funding from commercial markets that consume their products. They have also managed to create partnerships with investors, community sponsors, and researcher in many other fields. The current environment is conducive, and scientists are not traveling to San, Diego, San Francisco or any other cities in search of greener pastures. Several venture capitalists have been considering Los Angeles County as the newest place to invest in the development of top-notch technologies and treatments that are based on life sciences. The advancements will lead to the creation of customized healthcare with modern individualized market strategies.

Several biotechnology experts have come up with state-of-the-art technologies, and they include:

1. The development of the new cancer treatments that do not have side effects. The cure will soon be launched by Kite Pharma and Patrick Soon-Shiong’s Nantworks, which is an El Segundo-based biopharmaceutical company.

2. The Pasadena BIO Collaborative Incubator is currently growing startups such as Deton Corporation, which has invented a cough collector that will be used the getting samples that that are hard to reach. This will enable doctors to identify lung diseases without causing any pain.

3. LA BioMed, which is based close to Carson, is currently striving to commercialize discoveries that it has made in the past 65 years. The biomedical research firm joined efforts with Larta Institute to establish a collection of commercial biotechnology start-ups. One of the companies that they have set up is Basepaws, which focuses on analyzing cat DNA to offer ancestry information.

4. Xencor, which is a Monrovia-based company, has been working with a Caltech graduate in developing an idea of engineering immune cells in a way that they can protect people from all types of diseases. The company was established two decades ago, and it is worth $1 billion.

5. A team of scientists, engineers, and biomedical experts from the University of Southern California is determined to set up a biotechnology business park that will be named LA Bioscience Hub and will be based in East Los Angeles. They are currently developing nanoparticles that can combine with specific tumor cells to show hidden cancer cells before they affect other parts of the body.

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