Credence Genomics (Pvt.) Ltd, Sri Lanka’s premier specialized DNA diagnostics services provider has achieved yet another first by being published in the acclaimed BioMed Central (BMC) Infectious Diseases publication.

With their innovative range of specialized DNA diagnostic tests, Credence Genomics has reached out to benefit the medical community in Sri Lanka and in the region, with the uncompromised guarantee of accuracy and speed of test reports by achieving unparalleled benchmarks.

Conceived by Dr. Vaz Gnanam in 2011 Credence Genomics was one of the earliest biotechnology startups not only in Sri Lanka but the region to invest in cutting edge NGS and application development. Steering the clinical genomics initiative, he led a team of scientists and ICT engineers to develop leading edge innovative diagnostics tests which have been the result of six years of stringent research on industry defining genetic science, application of information technology and testing across a broad spectrum of diseases. The tests rely on ‘Next Generation Sequencing’ (NGS) technology, which enables the four basic building blocks found in all life forms to be interpreted as digital data, to be captured, stored in a silicon chip and compared by complex software back-end. Complying to relevant international accreditations and quality standards in clinical genomics, the tests have been well received by many leading hospitals and medical institutions across the country.

Three specific tests that have been developed are Rapid Infection Detection (RID), BactFast and FungiFast. The above 90 percent accuracy and ultra-fast reporting times have proven their benefits across many different specializations of medicine within a very short span of time.

All three tests are designed to identify suspect organisms based on their DNA makeup, and as an outcome of the tests the presence of all known pathogenic bacteria and fungi in any clinical sample.

On reaching this landmark achievement, Credence Genomics (Pvt.) Ltd Associate Lab Manager Manahari Abayasekera, who is also the first author of the paper stated: “The Rapid Infection Detection product (RID) along with BactFast and FungiFast represent the future of accurate diagnostic delivery in infectious diseases.”

Credence Genomics Laboratory Director Dr. N.V. Chandrasekharan added: “The stringent parameters under which the company has developed and deployed these products can be considered class-leading.

With built in quality control and validation these tests represent the future of medicine available now and developed by Sri Lankan scientists and information technology specialists.”

“At Credence Genomics our commitment to creating a truly world class product has paid off. Not only does this highlight the ground breaking capabilities of Sri Lankan scientists but our ability for niche development in software engineering in specialized health care delivery,” said Credence Genomics CEO Dr. Vaz Gnanam.


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